Kids’ Audiobooks Review

By Casey Sprehe

In part 1 that posted Aug. 1 , I shared podcasts that my kids enjoy.  In this post, I’ll share some audiobooks that have made our car rides more enjoyable!

First, there are two, free audiobook podcasts that we use daily. If you are into audiobooks,

I’m not sure how you do it without these two: “Libby” and “Hoopla.” Both are connected to your library card and give access to audiobooks and more! Put these apps on your device for thousands of books at your fingertips.

Second, I’ll share some titles we have loved recently. (I couldn’t possibly share all the titles in one or 10 posts, seriously.)

“Curious George” – The little kids enjoy listening to this series and can follow it pretty easily because the stories are short, and they have read the actual books most of the time. George’s antics keep the kids laughing.

“The Magic Tree House Series” – This series (still more being published) follows a brother and sister who are solving a mystery at a specific time period in history. Not only do my kids learn about a historical event, but they also hear a story about a brother and sister who work together for a common mission!

“The Little House on the Prairie Series” – This nine-book classic tells the story of Laura, her family and their pioneer life. The timelessness of this series makes it engaging for any kid to listen to it. It’s a world so different than ours that my kids are transported to a different time in our country’s history, and what life was like then.

“Nate the Great” – Nate is a child detective who solves mysteries with Sludge, his dog. My boys especially like this mostly male series.

“Amelia Bedelia” – Amelia is an innocent girl who constantly misunderstands words and phrases. Her confusion leads to a comical result in each story.

“The Boxcar Children Series” – The series follows four orphaned children who are solving a mystery in each book. Their ingenuity, sincerity and innocence are traits you’ll want your kid to walk away with.

“The Penderwicks” – They are a family of six who travel from Arundel Cottage to Gardam Street and Point Mouette. The four sisters are extremely close, and the series chronicles their travel and relationship.

“The Story of Civilization” – This four-part volume tells the story of civilization from a Catholic viewpoint. Published by Tan, The Story of Civilization is engaging for my 7-year-old and even me. I honestly have redeemed my historical understanding of civilization since listening to these volumes. I mean it! I highly recommend all Catholic students listen to this. It gives a right order and understanding of what has occurred in our history through the lens of the Catholic faith. Maybe, I’ll do a separate post on this one?

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