Be Humble Like the Shepherds in Adoration

By Greg Zambrano

Early one morning while getting the children ready for school, I made breakfast and served it.

Right away, I told the oldest child that if the younger one is getting too difficult, grab your food and eat your breakfast in a different part of the house. That way, she won’t waste time arguing with her sister because they both woke up grumpy.

At that point, I left them and got myself ready. Two minutes later, I hear them arguing, and I wondered what part of the easy instructions didn’t they understand.

Eat. Don’t argue. Move away if something happens. Finish your meal quickly.

A few more times they argued before walking out the door to get in the car, almost making us late.

Understandably, they are having a difficult time transitioning from vacation mode to waking up early for school. Quickly, I tried to find a solution through the Scripture and a story so they can understand the situation and learn from it.

Having extra time, we stopped, for a few minutes, inside the adoration chapel next to school. Stepping outside adoration, I reminded them of the shepherds tending their sheep one night underneath the star of Bethlehem.

All of the sudden, angels appeared and tell the shepherd to come to the manger and adore him, Jesus Christ.

Up until this point of the story, I tell my children it is biblical. Then I tell them what I believe was occurring sometime before the angels show up with the invitation.

The shepherds are actually siblings, and they were arguing and fighting over who was the best shepherd and who had the best sheep. At that moment, the angels appeared and guided them to the manger, but even more when they step inside and behold our Lord Jesus in swaddling clothes and forget all of their arguments. The shepherds are in complete awe of the humble majesty of our Lord Jesus. They are in complete gratitude for being chosen as the ones to adore him.

With the true presence of Christ, I tell my girls that they are also like the shepherds on that one beautiful Christmas. We must come to the presence of our Lord Jesus and forget our troubles.

See his humbleness, a prisoner in the monstrance for us to behold. After adoring our Lord, we will not be the same as before his light shined on our dark night.

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