Have We Done Enough to Prepare Our Kids?

By Gavin Lewis

As the new school year begins, I am excited about the kids being out of the house, eating all of the food and keeping the electric bill high, but I am also nervous.

That sense of nervousness can be attributed to a few things:

– Which teachers will my kids have this year?

– Will their personalities mesh well?

– Will they take the next step in step in becoming more responsible?

– Did we allow for the correct balance of free-time and educational activities during the summer?

– Will school and extra-curricular activities work well together?

– What challenges will this school year present? And are we ready to address the in the proper manner?

While this list is not inclusive of all of my and my wife’s concerns, it has allowed us to begin having meaningful conversations about properly preparing for the upcoming school year.

While time consuming on the front end, we believe that being proactive in trying to answer questions about our expectations as parents this year helps us save time and some, but not all (lol), heartache in the future.

Many of my concerns are probably over-exaggerated, because I know that my wife and I have tried our best to prepare our kids for what lies ahead.

There are always questions about whether or not we have done enough. I guess the next few months will tell.

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