How Do You Recharge Your Spiritual Battery?

By Dawn Cusimano

Today, as I sat down to write for the NOLA Catholic Parenting blog, I noticed that the charge on my laptop battery was at 29%.

I got up and wandered around the house looking for a charging wire to solve my problem. In my pursuit, I walked right past a sweet little pile of rosaries sitting on a shelf, and then found what I was looking for.

On my way back to the computer, I thought about the rosaries and how they are like little “charging wires” we can use to keep our faith life at 100%.

Our rich Catholic tradition has so many options for charging up our spiritual life in addition to praying the rosary. We can go to Mass, attend a retreat, receive the sacraments or simply gaze lovingly at the crucifix.

A personal favorite method for getting a spiritual boost is visiting Christ in the adoration chapel. I’ve never regretted one minute spent adoring Jesus.

Being with my children 24/7 makes getting into the chapel a bit tricky sometimes, but someone recently shared the idea of parking our vehicle just outside of the chapel and while keeping everyone buckled in their car seats, taking a few minutes to adore Jesus from right there in the parking lot.

Well, I tried it, and it was still time well spent. I guess you could call it, “Using my car charger!” Ha ha.

How will you charge your faith battery this week?

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