Seeking God

By Kristy Solis

During the Lenten season, masses of individuals give up something or sacrifice during this special time. Jesus gave all for each and every one of us; therefore, this is just a small gesture of walking the passion with Christ. 

My oldest daughter wanted to know why was she exempt from these practices, since she considers herself a practicing Catholic.

I assured her that she could walk this journey of faith by not sacrificing, but seeking God. I told her this is your challenge for this Lenten season.

Not sure if she even understood me, but my daughter said affirmatively, “It is a challenge.”

Each week, when we prayed together as a family during this season of renewal, I asked her, “What did you learn this week of Lent?”

The first week, she told me that it made her rethink her faith and what Jesus wanted from her.

The next week, she told me it made her reflect about how Jesus felt during this time.

Then, the week that followed, she told me it made her think about all of her sins.

I explained to her this was her way of repenting. Then, she told me, with Holy Week, Jesus was coming at the end of the week, which would be joyful for all.

I told her this is rejoicing in Christ.

Sometimes, during the Lenten season, not only do we need to remind ourselves to seek God but we need to renew our children’s faith in seeking God. Most importantly, this act of renewal continues beyond the Lenten season.

Let us pray to the Lord to instill in us daily: renewal, rethinking, reflection, repentance and rejoicing to draw us closer to and seek God.


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