Cultivating Reverence

By Kristen Bourgeois

Raising little humans is hard work! I start to think of the importance of my faith and how there was a time when I did not practice my faith and the consequences of being adrift in the world.

I want to make sure my children have a strong foundation of faith. But sometimes, it seems like an overwhelming and intimidating task.

One Sunday, as we entered church as usual, I genuflected after my husband had entered the pew. As I looked back over my shoulder to help usher my 2 year old into the pew, there he was, right behind me, genuflecting all on his own.

It was not something we actually taught him. It was something he learned by watching us, his parents. My husband and I just gazed at each other with admiration for our little boy.

It was at that moment, God revealed something to me. Just leading by example in the small things of our faith will lay down that much needed foundation. It was as simple as that!

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