Come Holy Spirit

By Gaby Smith

Come Holy Spirit. These three words are so simple, yet so powerful!

The Holy Spirit is a great guide for us in today’s world. Each day can be tricky, especially when life throws curveballs at you.

When raising children in a technology-driven society, it can be even more complicated. Very frequently, I hear the conversations from an older generation that life was much simpler when they were children. I hear how life was safer back then.

Whether or not that may be true, the world is a different place today. We, as parents, need to focus on how to raise our children in today’s world. This includes the technology it brings. Then I say, “Come Holy Spirit, guide us as parents.”

The Holy Spirit can be a great guide for us. Whether we should let our child be involved with certain activities or be a part of certain groups, the Holy Spirit can be a great leader in these decisions. All we have to do is surrender and say, “Come Holy Spirit!”

I know being a parent can be one of the most challenging roles we ever take on in our lifetime, but we have a great guide to show us what we should and shouldn’t do. Come Holy Spirit!

One Comment on “Come Holy Spirit

  1. You’re miles ahead, Gaby! It took me 50 years to learn to trust God. I mean, totally rely on Him for everything. In so doing, my prayers of thanks generally begin each day with “Come, Holy Spirit!”

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