Come Holy Spirit

By Gaby Smith

Come Holy Spirit. These three words are so simple, yet so powerful!

The Holy Spirit is a great guide for us in today’s world. Each day can be tricky, especially when life throws curveballs at you.

When raising children in a technology-driven society, it can be even more complicated. Very frequently, I hear the conversations from an older generation that life was much simpler when they were children. I hear how life was safer back then.

Whether or not that may be true, the world is a different place today. We, as parents, need to focus on how to raise our children in today’s world. This includes the technology it brings. Then I say, “Come Holy Spirit, guide us as parents.”

The Holy Spirit can be a great guide for us. Whether we should let our child be involved with certain activities or be a part of certain groups, the Holy Spirit can be a great leader in these decisions. All we have to do is surrender and say, “Come Holy Spirit!”

I know being a parent can be one of the most challenging roles we ever take on in our lifetime, but we have a great guide to show us what we should and shouldn’t do. Come Holy Spirit!

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  1. You’re miles ahead, Gaby! It took me 50 years to learn to trust God. I mean, totally rely on Him for everything. In so doing, my prayers of thanks generally begin each day with “Come, Holy Spirit!”

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