Focus on Family: Pro-life Parenting in an Anti-Life Society

By Ana Borden

Increasing policies to protect the unborn are inspiring times bringing more awareness and value to the sanctity and advocacy for life, not only for babies in their mother’s womb but the aging and in the prevention of suicide.

In a previous post, I reflected on why I believe children are pro-life and, as our children grow and mature, I wonder what they will experience, hear or see in their future that could question and distract them from failing to turn to their faith and beliefs.

We see in advertising, media, blogs and other personal posts a direction towards the “Me” versus “Us” attitude. Our culture and society are attempting to direct us to think about one’s personal gain, profit and pleasure first before that of our own families and neighbors.

There is also a shift in focusing first on emotions versus religious beliefs, logic, humility and unselfishness. Our younger generation is surrounded and bombarded with this mission, from music, to images, to writings that disconnect one with becoming more Christ-like.

So, as parents, how do we navigate and aid our children during their life experiences to stay focused, through their actions and words and support life?

A healthy model for respecting life begins in each and every one of our homes.

To have our children and future young adults value life, then they must know and feel that they, too, are loved and valued.

It is never too early to demonstrate the value of life, whether it be our children feeling a baby’s kick in their mother’s womb or to listening and cherishing our elderly’s words of wisdom, to helping our children find their “gifts” and help their friends, family and acquaintances seek theirs as well.

These are all signs of Christ using each of us as his disciples, sharing his love and being true representatives of what it truly means to be Pro-Life.

How does your family keep the Pro-Life movement alive in your home?

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