Fixing Her Tiara

By Gaby Smith

I’m always in awe at the uniqueness of each woman I see. Each one is stunning in their own, unique way. You can see her style reflected in her clothes and her hair. It’s truly marvelous.

As a mom, my style is very casual. I like to be comfortable.

I see moms in high heels and ironed suits; moms covered in tattoos; moms in sweatpants and old T-shirts and moms in flowing spring dresses.

Seeing all these unique woman shows how God uniquely made each and every one of us.

We can get so busy judging or being jealous of other woman, especially in the age of social media.

One woman told me how we should all strive to fix each other’s “tiara” in a sense. This means cutting out the jealously and the name-calling. This means being kind to one another and looking for one thing you love about another woman you are encountering in conversation, at the grocery store or at work.

We hear it all the time, kindness goes a long way, but try giving at least one compliment to a lady you see.

God gives us a unique role as woman. God gives us a unique role in the church.

We are called to be kind and Christ-like, especially in today’s world, to other woman.

True femininity can be lost in modern-culture. As woman, we can sometimes get confused.

Let’s not forget what Christ calls us to do as woman. Starting with one compliment can go a long way. Let’s be kind to one another and help fix each other’s tiaras.

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