Kids Podcasts Review

By Casey Sprehe

As a mom, one of the titles I wear is chauffeur. The comings and goings of school events, extracurricular activities and church functions have us spending a considerable amount of time in the car.

I don’t know about anyone else out there, but for some reason rides in the car generate poor attitudes and whining.

Maybe because the only body part that isn’t restricted is the kids’ mouths, but our car rides are often word wars.

That is before audiobooks and podcasts became a part of our drives.

In this short post, I’ll share some podcasts that have made our treks more enjoyable and meaningful.

  • Shining Light Dolls: Saints Stories for Kids.” This one is a storytelling format of different saints on appropriate feast days. The stories are engaging and educational.
  • Catholic Sprouts.” This daily podcast encourages Catholic kids with practical application for their everyday lives.
  • Kids Bible Stories.” This podcast shares all the stories of the Bible familiar and unfamiliar in an exciting storytelling manner.

Do you have any podcasts to share that I can add to my list? Next, I’ll share our audiobook favorites!

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