God’s “In” Box

By Stacy LaMorte

How much time do you spend worrying about things over which you have no control? I am a work in progress in this field, but I definitely do not stress over things nearly as much as I used to after hearing a deacon’s homily about worry.

I was a teacher at the time and had an awesome principal whom I really loved. She was energetic, open to ideas, supportive of her staff and allowed us to follow our own individual teaching styles (as long as they were reasonable, of course).

I loved that she allowed us autonomy and freedom and that she trusted that we were going to do our jobs well, even if it wasn’t in “her” timeframe or how she would necessarily do things. She would put a task in our inbox and know that we were going to get the job done.

Getting back to the homily, I was in church listening to the deacon talk about when we feel really worried about something, to do what we can to change/prepare/educate ourselves/control the situation and then to put it into God’s inbox.

If someone with whom you work put something into your inbox and then kept checking in on you to see if it was done yet, or that you were doing it the way they wanted it done, wouldn’t you be annoyed?

Wouldn’t you think, “He/she doesn’t trust that I know what I am doing or that I am capable of doing this task!”

I am sure God feels the same way when we worry about things.

So, next time you feel yourself beginning to worry about something, picture yourself putting it into God’s inbox and actually surrender it to him.

If you must say something to him to check in, try: “Jesus, I trust in you.”

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