Become Like Little Children

By Charla Spalluto Misse

It is common to see young children upset by things that adults consider relatively trivial. As children mature, we generally expect them to be more understanding and to temper their expectations.
Well, when I was not-so-young (15 years old), my parents gave me a very nice pair of blue leather tassel loafers, which I wore to the movies with my friends.

When we returned to my friend’s house after the movie, I was heartbroken to realize I had lost a tassel. Despite my friends’ protests, I was absolutely sure one of their parents would bring me back to the theatre to search for it. Nope.

When my father picked me up, though, he didn’t hesitate to take me to the theater, wait until they turned on the house lights, and scout it out among the spilled cokes and stale popcorn. My tassel didn’t show up.

So, my dad called the manufacturer in Maine who agreed to send a set of blue leather tassels to their new store in the Riverwalk. He picked them up when they arrived at the store a few weeks later and repaired my shoes.

While I was deeply grateful, I don’t know whether I remember the incident so well because of my friends’ good-hearted teasing for many years to come or because this is when I realized what an extraordinary father I had.
Given my unwavering faith in my dad’s ability to “fix it,” I am certain this was just what I had come to expect.

Even more impressive than his sacrifice and effort was the fact he never made me feel like I was burdensome. I did not fully realize the extent of his devoted service to me and my family until I was a parent myself.

Now, I see not only how important it is that I help my family, but that I do so gladly.

Further, I see that my earthly father was imitating our heavenly father’s desire to aid us and to do so with great joy. Upon reflection, it occurred to me that ‘our father’ may tenderly consider many of us as young children with concerns that are trivial.

Indeed, he is all-mighty and all-knowing; there is nothing he cannot fix. If we are only to trust in him completely, he will find a way to lighten our burden and remedy our sorrow.

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