Being Present in Midst of Chaos

By Gaby Smith

Just recently, I had a lot on my plate. With planning a move, planning a wedding, planning a fundraiser and so much more, I found myself struggling to find the time to be in the present moment.

A lot of the time, I was focused on the future because a lot of what was going are major life changes! Do you blame me? Do you ever experience this yourself?

It took my son to show me that the present moment is truly a precious time.

In the midst of packing our home in boxes, he asked me if I could play cards. Taken aback, I thought to myself “I hate card games, and I have to get this done.”

Then, a voice in my head said, “This can get done in 15 minutes. Take this moment in with your son.”

I grabbed my son’s hand, and we played a simple game of “Go Fish.” It was the most fun game of “Go Fish” I had ever played.

I found myself thanking God in that moment for this time with my son. The boxes can be packed later. I was happy that I took the 15 minutes to really be in the present with my son. It took him to show me that moment.

When things get crazy and chaotic, take a look at those around you who want your attention at the present moment. It may be the most precious moments you’ll be glad you took advantage of in your life.

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