Do You Teach Your Children How to Pray?

By Kristy Solis

I never really thought about this topic much until my youngest daughter asked me one day “Mama, how do you pray?”

I thought if I role-modeled the act that it would be suffice for my children.  Now, it was time to teach my daughter what prayer entailed and why it was so important to incorporate into her life.

I explained to her that praying with God was developing this special relationship, a special friendship.  Prayer was simply a conversation she shared with God.  In addition, this conversation was a constant.

The best part of prayer is that she could tell God everything. The more she talked to God, the more she would feel his presence.

At first, we started simple. I showed her how we (my daughter and I) could have a conversation with God through prayer. Then, I let her lead the bedtime prayer so we could share this conversation with God together.

Before I knew it, she was leading the prayer for dinner and then it led to the morning prayer.  Now, I hear her on her own without prompting praying or conversing with God.

Prayer is so important for our existence.  Think about how you would teach your child about this special conversation with God?

Let us pray to the Lord, God – “I will take the time to talk to you more often and include you in every thought of my being.”

Through these conversations we will become better friends through eternity.

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