Making the Best of Your Time

By Charla Misse

After work, I was looking forward to playing with my son. When he saw me and enthusiastically asked me to join him, I was just thrilled.

Before we could begin, however, I got a message there was a work issue to be handled from home and would take a good deal of time.

I was disappointed, but told him we could play one game before I had to get back to work. Most parents, employed or not, know that it’s important to set time aside for family.

As we set things up for the game, I was thinking about what I needed to do for work and was, frankly, pouting. My son, chipper as could be, said “Mom, don’t worry. As soon as we are done playing, I will remind you to do your work. I won’t forget. I won’t forget.”

He saw that I was distracted and distressed. He was calling me to enjoy the moment with him. I was deeply thankful.

Sometimes, although we make time, we don’t make the best of our time.

I am so fortunate, so blessed, that my child ensured I didn’t miss my chance to really be with him that day. I pray that this sweet call to attention reminds me to be more vigilant to make the best of my time with my loved ones

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