By Kristy Solis

Have you ever felt like you spend more time praying than anything else in life? I adamantly know that I do spend more time praying than anything else in my life. I accept this obligation of blessings all the time.

Everyone in my life, whether it is family, friends, colleagues or someone I just met, knows that I will pray for any special intention or even if it is an unspoken intention, I will pray for them.

Thus, through my spiritual journey, it took me longer time than necessary to realize this is not a burden but a blessing. I am a vessel to pray for others for their desires and hopes.

Then, one night as we were praying as a family, my oldest daughter asked, “Why do we pray for so many?” In that moment, I realized I did not want her to feel as prayer is a burden.

I told her how the greatest gift God gave us was prayer. God is the greatest listener and will listen to anything at any time. Prayer is a blessing to serve others to pray for them.

Then, my daughter said “Ok, I have a prayer list.” She had a prayer list of her own. Next time you pray with your child, ask them if they know why it is important to pray, especially for others?

Let us pray, ”Loving and listening God, teach me to be bold in my prayers that I may pray to you about anything.”

Prayer is a gift and a blessing that we may receive, and we may give.

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