The Beauty in the Moment

By Gaby Smith

This morning, I was laying in bed with a cup of coffee. It’s my morning tradition and a little “reward” for getting up at 5 a.m. for work. I love coffee in bed and look forward to it every day.

After my son was done with his breakfast, he ran and jumped in my bed (luckily I had time to put my coffee down before it spilled everywhere).

As I was about to question why he was in my bed (when he should be getting ready for school), he said “I love you, mama!” My heart jumped.

He always tells me he loves me, but it was this moment that was special. It was this moment where I knew he wasn’t going to be little any more. It was this moment I knew he wasn’t going to be climbing in my bed on some mornings.

He snuggled up close to me. I grabbed my cup of coffee, and we talked for five minutes. We talked about school, his friends and his thoughts.

These are the moment I treasure. These are the moments I wish time could stop, so I can cherish them for hours.

Time gets away from us so quickly. One day we look up, and our children are all grown up. Take five minutes out of your day today to cherish those special moments with your family. I promise you, you won’t regret it.

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