A Family That Prays Together

By Kevin Sprehe

Praying with my children could often be better described as a circus, herding cats or a fire drill.  Half the time they are jumping on my shoulders, running around throwing toys, doing cartwheels or simply not paying attention.

However, I know that the effort is still being honored.

I used to get frustrated when prayer didn’t go perfectly with the kids, sometimes I still do.  Fortunately, that is far less often.  We let the kids be kids.  And, believe it or not, when they see Casey and I pray, they start to join in more and more. They come to love the opportunity to pray for someone else and, over time, they are learning to pray with us.

It is just another example of how God honors the small efforts we offer to him even when we think it is insufficient.

God will take what we can give to him, even our imperfect prayer, and make it great.

Daily prayer shows your kids a tangible way to keep Christ in their lives. Try it with your kids. God will bless your yes.

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