Searching for Balance? Do This Instead

By Courtney Elmer

You might’ve heard the rumor about this thing called balance.

In case you haven’t, it’s nothing more than an idea, really. Something that sounds really nice and that everyone wants, but that no one has ever defined.

I mean, I guess, *technically,* you could say Merriam Webster’s has defined it, but I don’t think (and I quote) “an equal distribution of weight” is really what everyone is frantically working so hard to find.

At least I’m not.

Because the truth is, balance doesn’t exist.

At least, not the kind of balance we think sounds good in our heads … the kind where our life looks so perfect that all of our to-dos are checked off every day, and where your spouse and you feel like you’re still on your honeymoon, or the kind where the kids always get along and the laundry is washed, dried, folded AND put away.

Sorry to break it to you my friend. Balance doesn’t exist.

But what DOES exist (thankfully for all of us) is way to live our life and enjoy the here and now – even amid messy mom buns, client-calls, runny noses and mismatched socks.

It’s time to realize that the only reason you feel “out of balance” is because you’ve been so busy chasing after it. So busy, that you’ve never stopped to define what it looks and feels like for you.

Balance isn’t defined by having the perfect children, or a perfect marriage, or a perfect Instagram feed. It’s not something you “find,” because it’s not something that’s lost.

Balance doesn’t exist outside of you … because it already exists inside of you.

Balance is what YOU define it to be, and the secret lies within defining what it means to you.

Because once you’re clear on that, balance becomes so much easier to find.

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