Little Things Can Make a Difference

By Charla Spalluto Misse

I look for ways to encourage prayer and devotion in my home and in our school.  I try very hard to discern and carry out the Lord’s Will.

I am so frequently humbled, however, struck by the enormity of another’s work toward the glory of God.  So much more than I am doing, I marvel and, admittedly, often feel small.  But are these small things that I do not meaningful?

I am not called to great things like leading a rosary rally or starting an adoration website?  Instead, I am called to concentrate my efforts on the little things, a few moments in time or a chance conversation.

I believe that, sometimes, little things like a smile or hug can make all the difference in someone’s day.  Little things like crafting a rosary with a child or bringing a friend to Mass might encourage them to pray, even lead them to a religious vocation.

Maybe some of those great works at which I marvel started with a little nudge from someone small.  I remind myself to be humble and content; if I am doing the Lord’s work, nothing could be greater.

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