Walking with Mary Through the Mysteries

By Leslie Bertucci

One of the common threads that have run through and strung together my 55 years as a Catholic Christian is the rosary. I remember reciting this beautiful prayer as a child, with my family, with neighborhood friends and with classmates.

It was one of the first traditions I passed on to my own children.

As a child, I always found the repetitive rhythm of the words soothing. As an adult, they still bring me peace, even in the midst of the chaos of family life.

Years ago, I developed the habit of praying decades of the rosary while doing simple chores. I learned to walk mentally through the event of each mystery so I wouldn’t lose my place. In doing this, the Holy Spirit has revealed small details that I might have otherwise missed.

For example:

*The fifth Joyful Mystery “Finding the Child Jesus in the Temple.” The temple was a huge structure with many rooms and antechambers. Mary and Joseph must have walked through it for a while, listening intently for the voice of their Son, when suddenly they heard him teaching the priests and elders. “Lord, help me to recognize and respond to your voice when I hear it.”

*The first Sorrowful Mystery: “The Agony in the Garden.” Jesus knew full well the tortures he would soon undergo as he prayed in the garden after the Last Supper. He could have run away, but he didn’t. He stayed, for love of us. “Lord, give me the courage to surrender my will to the Father and trust Him to help me through every scary moment.”

*The third Glorious Mystery: “The Descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.” Mary waited in the Upper Room, along with the 120 believers, for the promise of the Father. After nine days, the Holy Spirit showed up as wind and fire, filling them all with courage and boldness. It might have been a surprise for the others, but not for Our Lady. She knew what it felt like to be overshadowed by her spouse, the Holy Spirit. She recognized the electricity, the power and peace, as he came upon her a second time. “Lord, help me to welcome every move of your spirit.”

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