How to Stay More Present in This Busy, Crazy World

By Courtney Elmer

“I just want to live in the moment.” Ever said this to yourself? I definitely have.

For years I felt like there was never enough time to get it all done. Whenever I sat there trying to embody whatever it meant to actually be “present,” I failed miserably.

But one day things shifted for me, as Thomas Merton’s words echoed in my head: “Now. Here. This.”

And, I learned that if we’re spending our energy on what happened in the past or what “might” happen in the future, it keeps us from pouring that energy into what’s right here … now … this.

So, I started making the effort to notice where I was spending my energy in every moment, and, in the process, I discovered a simple way to stay present and live in THIS moment … and THIS moment … right here, now.

I call my secret “The Gratitude Timer.” You can set yours up in 3 simple steps:

  • Create a new alarm on your phone
  • In the space where it says “alarm” edit the text to read “What Am I Grateful For Right Now?”
  • Set it to go off 3 times a day, every day

Whenever it goes off, stop what you’re doing and send up a prayer of gratitude for whatever is in front of you.

Maybe it’s the cup of coffee you just poured, or the mess your kid left for you to clean up.

Maybe it’s the pile of laundry you have to fold, because it means the clothes are washed (win) and that you have people in your house to share your life with.

Whatever is in front of you when your timer goes off – give thanks for that. It’ll help you stay present, lead with a grateful heart and open the door to happiness in your life.

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