Am I Good Enough, Lord?

By Ana Borden

As a parent, one of the daily struggles I face is juggling and distributing my time, energy and resources equally among all our children and my husband while multitasking the responsibilities of schedules, households, my business and relationships.

I realize this is a common struggle for most parents with several young children close in age, especially mothers who also take on responsibilities outside their household. But in all honesty, I struggle most with the following question, “Am I good enough, Lord?”

In the everyday shuffle and curve balls of life situations and experiences, it is easy to lose sight of what should be most important to us.

At the end of each day, I reflect on my actions and words and pray for guidance on how I may be better tomorrow. This is one reason I enjoy starting my day very early in the hopes of starting fresh, with a clean slate, ready to tackle the new adventures ahead of me and putting into actions my reflections from the previous evening’s moments of prayer.

Just like most parents, my reflections include patience while helping the children with their homework, parenting fails and wins, putting my husband and my loved ones needs first, including listening and spending time with them, which are all a reflection of the love God has for each of us.

And, most importantly, I ask myself if I am leading by example in my words and actions by making God a priority and living his word among those I encounter daily.

However, what I really should be asking is, Am I good enough for YOU, Lord?

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