Prayer in School

By Kim Roberts

Our society is constantly being bombarded by news both on the television and through social media. We have more information about what is going on in our country than ever before.

We can see first-hand the battle for morality and ethics in our society is being played out right before our eyes.

I recently watched a national newscast highlighting a group of parents that wanted prayer to stay out of schools. I can’t help but think how sad that is for those children that are not allowed to pray openly during school.

Growing up I attended public schools, and I remember praying at assemblies, in class and before football games.

One of my favorite memories was being asked to lead the prayer on the field before a home football game. I took such pride in writing the verse and leading the stadium in prayer.

Prayer is essential for children. It helps them focus, relax and practice their faith. Why is that a crime in today’s world?

I am grateful my husband and I made the decision to send our children to Catholic school where they can pray out in the open and with their friends. They have learned the importance of praying every day, and that it is an important and integral part of their lives.

We should all pray that prayer continues to be allowed in schools and that our children and grandchildren can always pray where ever they want.

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  1. Another great column Kim Roberts! Teaching our children to pray is one of the greatest gifts we can give them.

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