How My House Plants Taught Me About Life’s Choices

By Gaby Smith

I have five living plants in my house. Each one has taught me about life decisions.

Yes, I sound crazy, but hear me out. I love succulent plants. I think they’re cute and adorable, they look good in any room, and they’re very EASY to maintain. Plus, I’ve named all of my house plants, so I’m attached.

My one succulent plant was bursting out of its tiny little pot. I went to the local nursery and bought a larger pot, re-planted her and ever since, I noticed something magnificent – she’s grown exponentially since I re-planted her in that larger pot.

She was so stuck in her tiny pot, she could barely move, but the larger pot is allowing her to thrive and grow fast.

It’s almost like us. When we are stuck in a small space, we seem like we can’t move, but once we move into a place that has more potential for us to thrive, we can fully flourish.

My plants are all over the house. Many are by the window, but I have one in the kitchen that is content. She barely needs sunlight and is blooming. My plant by the kitchen and those by the window show me that you don’t need to be on the same path or place to grow, you can grow where you.

You don’t need to be by the sun 8 hours a day to grow. Like individual people, we are all on different paths. We are all unique.

My plants have taught me the uniqueness in each individual. They have taught me to see the strengths in everyone and how different things can make each person thrive. That, to me, is so valuable.

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