Find Your People

By Stacy Lamorte

Do you choose to spend time with people who share your religious values?

One of my best friends started a women’s social and business networking group called “LikeMinded Ladies” here in New Orleans. While it has absolutely no religious affiliation or requirements, I find that there is a very “Christian” quality about it, in that it is a group of very positive, kind women who are there for each other.

She started it because she wanted to bring together groups of women who would help to build one another up both professionally and personally; women who are like-minded.

One member even said that going to the monthly events actually helps to “feed her soul” because she leaves feeling better than she did when she got there, and I agree.

Whether you are part of a networking group, a prayer group, a card/game group or a sports group, take a moment next time you gather to look around you and see if these people are “your people.”

Would God approve of the interactions happening there? Are people networking or are they gossiping? Are people playing games fairly or are you on a team with people who cheat? Are you proud to say that you are a member of that group?

If you aren’t, maybe you should think about finding another group. The old saying, “Birds of a feather flock together” is not only something we should be coaching our children about in their choices in making friends; it is true for us as well!

Find people who will “feel your soul”.

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