Good Friday

By Casey Sprehe

Experiencing the fullness of the Triduum was a pinnacle I looked forward to during my Lenten journey. Not the Pinnacle that is the Resurrection, of course, but the transition from “normal Lent” time into Triduum time.

Shortly after having kids, I realized how my liturgical practice wasn’t conducive to nursing, naps, tantrums and attention spans. I’m looking at you – bedtime Last Supper Service. My husband and I had to adjust our expectations of what was meaningful, yet doable, given our state in life. Here’s how we landed on Good Friday.

Ironically, I look forward to Good Friday. Maybe you do, too. Maybe, because a handful of years into the vocation of motherhood, I now pine for a day of quietude, limited food and a disconnection from most of our life’s worries and tasks.

Here in New Orleans, there is no shortage of services, stations, walks or plays available to attend. No matter what your spirituality is or your physical state, there’s a way to worship here.

We’ve landed on a tradition that works well given the current ages of our kids (8 and under). We start with a simple breakfast and then set out to each child’s titular church. All but one of them have a first or middle name that has a church represented here. So, for Colette, we picked St. Mary’s Assumption.

We spread out the Stations of the Cross over the four churches we visit. Whoever’s namesake it is gets to light a candle. We take our time, really looking at the details of the stations and letting our kids explore the Good Friday story.

Our Byzantine friends are much more akin to looking at icons and different art forms while they are in church. It allows them to connect with God visually.

For us in the Roman rite, it would be quite distracting to be walking up and down the aisle looking at icons. But on Good Friday, our family does just that.

Learning about different saints and moments on the way to Calvary is a tangible way my kids can experience the sacredness of Good Friday. It’s how we chose to enter in without opting out. And for now, it works.

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  1. This is so great Casey! It’s on my “someday” wish list to attend the Easter Vigil service for that same reason.
    I love the idea of visiting the churches that correspond to each child’s name. NOLA is probably one of the only places in the world with enough options to include them all!

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