Pray the Rosary Like You Mean It

By Kim Roberts

In January, I accompanied my daughter and other CYO members on a trip down the highway to participate in the March for Life held in Baton Rouge. We rode the bus with parishioners from our church.
While my older children have attended the March for Life in Washington D.C., none of us have gone to the March in our state capital.
I wasn’t sure what to expect.

As we began our journey and pulled onto I-10, a lot of conversations were going on around me. People were visiting with each other and catching up. When we were about 30 minutes from our destination, our leader for the day stood up and announced that we were going to pray the rosary to get ready for the March.

I have prayed the rosary many times in my life, but this time seemed different in some way. I felt each word as I said it, I felt connected to everyone on the bus, I knew we were praying to end abortions and putting it in God’s hands.

We had a real purpose in saying the rosary that day, one that every Catholic can relate to. We prayed the Sorrowful Mysteries, which was appropriate since we were all still shook and mourning the passing of the horrific legislation in New York that legalized third-term abortions.

I truly reflected on the task at hand and all of the precious lives that depended on me, us and prayed the rosary like it was my job.It brought me peace and got my mind right to fight for all of the babies yet to be born and need my help.

The rosary is the perfect tool for the times we are living in and a direct line to Mary.
I was so glad that I was able to share this moment with my daughter and teach her the impact the rosary has in our daily lives. I told her to pray the rosary like she meant it, that God would hear us.

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  1. Reading this gave me chills! Thanks for sharing your gift for the written word with all of us!

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