“Trust in the Lord”

By Greg Zambrano

Fear gets to everyone old, young and people of all ages. Jesus our Lord invites us with love to trust in him – what the saying on the bottom of the Divine Mercy image, “Jesus, I Trust in You.”

The two things are not compatible, either you trust in the Lord or you fear the unknown.

Our creator is the creator of all, who knows all. Nothing is hidden from him. It would be very wise of us to trust in our omnipotent God.

What I have noticed is that when we fear, we lose peace in our hearts. Living in distress places us in desperation, and we commit mortal sin(s).

As adult parents, we should have a pattern or culture of trusting in our loving “Father.”

You might notice your child not acting his or her regular self at time such as when they are going through exams at school or have a problem with a teacher, fellow student or sibling.

Having a calm talk with your child and praying will help make things better for both of you.

Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane was in agony to the point where he sweat blood. What calmed him down was to pray to his father in heaven for the resolve to do God’s will no matter how difficult.

We can do the same as Jesus did in the garden while the apostles fell asleep – to pray and trust. With confidence, not fear, young and old and all of God’s children can do God’s will.

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