Losing Focus

By Charla Spalluto Misse

My child is extremely focused. I often have to wait for him to finish something before he can really listen to me. I respect my son’s disposition, though. He is showing no disrespect when he isn’t focused on me. He is simply consumed.

As I wait, I sometimes think how he would be better off if he could just stop for a minute to hear me. I might have some helpful advice or maybe I just want to take him for a snowball.

Yet, I don’t press; I wait till he is satisfied to let my voice in.

It is said that we should tune out the noise of the world to focus on God. What if we are so focused on solving something, even focused in prayer, that we are simply unable to hear what Our Lord is patiently waiting to tell us, unable to enjoy a blessing he is ready to pour down?

Since I can be hyper-focused like my son, I now practice stepping back, forcing myself to not think about whatever is consuming me.

Sometimes, I even give myself a specified length of time to just let go and let God take over – to let the sound of God’s voice come to me. It takes faith. And, I always feel stronger when I do this.

When I return to my concerns, I usually have a renewed energy, a more peaceful mind and a broader perspective.

Sometimes, losing focus and trusting God is what he is asking of us.


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