Getting to Know Their Hearts

By Dawn Cusimano

I am always with my kids. You might assume that being with them so much would mean that I know them pretty well, right?

Not always.

Well, I’ve discovered a new way to get to know a little more of what is in their hearts – through journaling.

We do most of our schooling at home, so this year, we added journaling time to our morning routine. It’s laid back, and they can write as much or as little as they want, as long as they take some time to think.

Some entries are sweet, while others bring out their creativity. I love flipping through the pages when they’ve finished and finding well thought-out and often surprising answers.

For example, in one journal entry, I learned what my daughter considered her proudest moment.

Another was when my son wrote about the thing that makes him feel most loved. I’ve even learned about things they think about each other.

Even if we don’t always homeschool, I hope to continue to use this a way for them to reflect and for me to get to know them better.

If you want to try this at home, as well, a quick internet search will bring about so many great topics to inspire. Good luck!

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