By Kristy Solis

Are you living life through God’s will? This is my constant prayer – to serve and live my life through God’s will.
Through life’s many uncertainties, I was blessed to be called to serve others in the capacity as a nurse.
After serving in healthcare for over 20 years, I reflect that it is a calling that almost did not come to fruition. During my first semester of nursing school, I had a nursing professor tell me I would not make a good nurse because I was too empathetic.
Was there such a concept of being too empathetic? She told me that I took on other’s emotions, which was not a good trait of a good nurse.

Well, God’s calling overpowered this impediment.
Guess what? The nursing professor was right, I was am empathic, and I am still am.

On the other hand, the nursing professor was wrong that it would not make me a good nurse. It actually makes me a better nurse. I had to learn to carry the burdens of others and control it not to let it destroy me.
Now as a mother, God has entrusted me with a daughter who is also empathic. Therefore, I am teaching her that it is not a burden, and it could even be used for good as long as it is God’s will.

In this world, we could use more empathy, because possessing empathy is human nature at its core.
Let us pray when we bear one another’s burdens, this fulfills the law of Christ.

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