How Our Daughter’s Sportsmanship Honored God

By Ana Borden

Recently our oldest, an aspiring chef and food critic, participated in our parish’s pie-baking contest.
To prepare for the big day, she caught up on her favorite cooking shows, brainstormed ideas and was extremely excited to spend a special day cooking alongside her abuela (grandmother) making a pumpkin pie, complete with a homemade crust and whipping cream.
The week before, anticipation set in and she took guesses on the judges. It was no surprise when she revealed she was very excited.
As her mother, I was probably more nervous than she when bakers of various generations set their edible works of art on the table on the afternoon of the event.
She stood close by to a fellow friend and last-minute competitor, as the judges savored each bit. As they convened to select the winners, our daughter stayed patiently quiet, hands clasped ready to hear their verdict.

With more grace than most adults I have witnessed, she stayed calm and collected as the names were called and did not include hers, but, instead, her neighboring friend.
Without showing any disappointment nor prompting, she gracefully congratulated her friend and even tried a slice of her pie. She was humble, lost without complaining, respected the other opponents, learned from the experience and even spoke about her enthusiasm for future challenges.
I was the proudest I have ever been of our daughter that afternoon. She followed the rules, treated her opponents with courtesy and kindness, offered words and actions of genuine joy and encouragement as well as perseverance to compete again.

She showed sportsmanship wiser than her years and has truly inspired me to make additional efforts to show humbleness in the face of defeat ,and God’s grace when we are or feel defeated.
What are other examples of sportsmanship you have witnessed that honors God?

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