Small Miracles Mean So Much

By Kim Roberts

A few years back, our parish church was a stop for the relics of St. Padre Pio. I found out about it, by chance, but – with our family’s hectic schedule – I didn’t think for one minute I would be able to make it for the viewing.
St. Padre Pio has a special place in our family because my son chose to portray him during our parish’s St. Joseph Altar program. Second-grade students are asked to participate in the altar and dress as a saint of their choice as well as write and present a report.

I did not know too much about this saint until my son’s interest made us all experts. With this in mind and, knowing that my son was away at college and could not attend himself, I knew I had to get to the church to see the relic.
Much to my surprise, the night the relic was to be at our church, my schedule completely opened up. I didn’t have to jump through hoops or anything. So, off to the church my youngest daughter and I went.
Small miracle number one.

I explained to my daughter that we would be viewing a second-class relic of St. Pio and how it was important because it once touched some part or something of the saint.
As I was explaining this to her, I realized in my haste to get to the church, that I had not brought anything to touch to the relic.
I knew my son would be disappointed.

Just as I was quietly panicking, a rectory staff member walked to the front of the line that had formed and said she had a few St. Pio cards. As she walked down the line handing one to each person, I was literally the last one to get a card. My daughter and I looked at each other and knew that there was a divine intervention involved.
Small miracle number two.
After that evening, it became clear to me that we should be on the look out for small miracles each day and be grateful for their presence in our lives.

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