In the Know

By Casey Sprehe

School shooting. Ethnic persecution. Government shutdown. Church massacre.
Check the news on your phone or TV, and you are instantly bombarded with evil.
In the interconnectedness of our world, we know about tragedies on the other side of the world as soon as and as often as they happen.
Our lives can easily be inundated with gloom and offense by staying connected to the world.
Man fell, and original sin entered the world. Terrible events happen hourly around the world.

However, we weren’t created to be receiving a constant stream of evil. We were created for goodness and with the greatness of he who is in us.
Such heaviness fills our hearts and minds and leaves little to no room to be emotionally present for those closest to us. The evil one hopes this would happen.
As a mother, I find it imprudent to tune in the 6 a.m., noon and 6 p.m. new because the more connected I am to the happenings of the day, the less connected I am to my children before me. The less emotional capacity I have to meet them in their little sufferings of the day and what aches their fragile hearts.

They aren’t just mini adults. They are children who need shepherding and mentoring. I need to take up my responsibility to those entrusted to me. One way I can do that it’s turning off the news and tuning into them more.

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