Being a Mother is a Beautiful Thing

By Gaby Smith

The other day, I was cleaning up sickness from my child after he came home from school. He had contracted a small stomach bug that lasted all day. He was happy, then upset, then threw up.

The cycle was predictable. I consoled him and told him it was ok.
My heart hurt for him. Seeing his little body be in such pain hurt me.

As I hugged him and helped him into the bath, I thought, “Being a mother is a beautiful thing” even through the sickness, the worry and the constant phone calls to my mother asking her if I’m doing the right thing in getting him help. Being a mother is a beautiful thing.

When it came to bedtime, I tucked him in and quickly disinfected the whole house (especially everything he touched). I sat down and sighed. I had survived the day.

I knew it wasn’t going to end until he felt better. I tossed and turned all night, worrying about him. I got up to check him multiple times.

I prayed to God that he would feel better, but I also thanked the Lord for this trial. I thanked Jesus for making me a mother, because being a mother is a beautiful thing.

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