Catholic Education – A Gift

By Kim Roberts

Most parents that choose to educate their children in Catholic school quickly realize that it comes with a price tag – especially if you have more than one child.
We knew we wanted our children to receive a Catholic education from the minute they were born, and, back in the 1990’s, the cost was not too astronomical for pre-kindergarten.
But as the years passed and we had more children, it became a struggle each month to pay each of the school tuitions. I used to, and still do say, I work strictly for tuition money.
My husband and I wanted our children to receive a quality education surrounded by God’s love. We wanted a safe environment and one that challenged our kids academically. And, the end game is always having them go to college and being prepared.

Now, with two children that have gone completely through Catholic school and onto LSU, I can say they were both more than prepared for college. One of my children even graduated early with honors. I still have a child in a Catholic high school, and I am not disappointed.

But, as a parent, you wonder do your children acknowledge and appreciate the financial struggle you went through for their education?
I was blessed to receive a letter from my oldest daughter on the day of her graduation from college that answered that question in spades. She thanked me for all that we sacrificed for her Catholic education and that she knew it was a gift that we gave to her, to make her a successful person.

Wow, what a better validation than that. As I finished reading the letter while crying, I thought to myself – Catholic education is truly a gift that is given out of love by parents to their children and is worth every sacrifice that we have to make.

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