The Value of Youth Group

By Dawn Cusimano

When I was in high school and beginning preparations to make my Confirmation, I was struggling with a dry faith life. I wrestled with the decision to move forward with receiving the sacrament.
One day, a classmate extended an invitation which completely changed the course of my faith and my life. She invited me to join her for a youth group meeting. I had never heard of youth group before, but I asked my mom and she encouraged me to try it.

Almost every weekend after that, I attended youth group and, with abundant grace, my relationship with the Lord grew deeper. Along with friends, I sang praise and worship music, prayed and opened my heart to a whole new world.

When the time came for Confirmation, I was wholly committed to receiving the sacrament.

I’ve since learned that my story is not unique. Several friends have shared similar personal stories with me.

Fast forward many years.

I just got home from picking up my oldest son from his first youth group meeting. I know that as he matures, there will be limits to what I and my husband will be able to do. Eventually, he will have a choice to have a relationship with God or reject him.

We know that things like youth group, retreats, Bible studies and prayer meetings can make a big difference, and we plan to continue to encourage them.

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