A Prayer Group at Home

By Charla Spalluto Misse

Throughout my life, I have most often prayed alone. Of course, I go to Mass and pray before meals with my family. I also say morning and evening prayers with my child.
Other than that, my daily time of personal reflection and prayer is usually alone. I have very little experience with the power of group prayer and, frankly, did not know what I was missing.
In October this year, I learned that my first grader would be tested on the Hail Mary in November. Being that it was the month of the rosary, I thought it would be a terrific idea to begin saying the rosary together as a family nightly. Thinking, in the process, my child would learn the prayer – with our family receiving the added benefit of spiritual strengthening within our home!

When I announced our new plans for the evenings in October, I was so grateful that my family’s response was wholeheartedly positive. Praise God, the Holy Spirit has been with us; their enthusiasm has not yet waivered.
No matter what has happened during the day or what challenges might have come between us, when it is time for rosary, our family is coming together.
It is such a blessing to unite, unconditionally, with respect for each other and for our faith and in devotion to our Mother Mary.

Well, it turns out, my child already knew the Hail Mary! He is so proud to confidently participate in our family rosary and enthusiastic about holding the rosary to keep us on track. His pure and steadfast devotion has enriched our prayerful experience immensely.
Praying the rosary as a family each night has brought grace into our home. And, by joining together, I feel that my prayers are being amplified.
While I have never been drawn to join a prayer group, it seems I have one now!

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