Spouses First = Kids First

By Stacy LaMorte

I know it seems counterintuitive to say so, but putting your spouse first is, in turn, putting your kids first.

When we have a happy, supportive marriage, we have a strong, stable base for our children to grow and flourish spiritually, emotionally and physically.
My parents always made time to have “date nights” at least a couple times a month, took an annual trip together and did sweet things for one another “just because”.

My sisters and I loved it because it meant TV dinners (remember those tin foil trays with four sections?) and a babysitter who was probably going to let us stay up too late and eat the dessert from our dinner first!

Think back to when you and your spouse began dating. What were some of the things you used to do for one another “just because”?

They don’t have to cost a lot of money – it could be leaving a note on his car at work, making her coffee in the morning just the way she likes it, give him a neck and shoulder rub while you are watching your favorite show together, send a card to work or even an email saying the reasons you love her or hide a little note or gift in his lunch bag or briefcase.

All of these things say, “I love you and you mean a lot to me” and help you to feel “in love” with your spouse. Remember those butterflies?!

It is a choice to stay in love every day when you are married. And when you stay in love with your spouse, chances are your children will feel secure and loved as well.

If nothing else, greet one another in the morning and at the end of the day as though you are still just “boyfriend and girlfriend.” A full-on hug, a smile, eye contact and a warm reception or send-off sets the right tone for your home and teaches your children to do the same.

When you make one another feel important, you are treating one another the way Jesus asked us to.

If you have any great tips about how you make your spouse feel loved, please share them with all of us!

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