My Daily Prayer

By Sarah McDonald

“Oh Lord, I do not know what will happen to me today, but what I do know is that nothing will happen today that you and we together cannot handle. This thought is enough to help me to face the day in peace. I adore you in your wisdom and your love and commend myself into your hands with complete trust.” Amen – St. Ignatius

This is my daily morning prayer. If I pray nothing else in the first hours of the day, I make it a point to pray this prayer meaningfully and intently.

Why? Because I know the words of this prayer to be true, and it is my guide to using my gifts and talents to the best of my ability according to God’s will for me each day.

It is by no means a magic incantation that allows me to go through life without a care because, let’s face it, I am human.

It is, though, a reminder that in the best of times and in the most challenging of times that I am not alone; that God will guide me.

There are a lot of clichés about this, “Let go and Let God”; “God’s Got This”; and the list goes on.

There are great reminders on Facebook memes, but this prayer passed on to us from St. Ignatius is one that I intend to pass on to my children, so that they, too, will know that even in the most difficult times, God will be with them.

What about you? What is your daily devotion? Share your prayer with us!

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