A Gift from My Child’s Religion Teacher

By Dawn Cusimano

A few years ago, I picked up my son from school and, as we drove down Carrollton Avenue, he shared something he had learned from his religion teacher that day.
She told the class that whenever they felt worried, afraid or overwhelmed, they could simply pray, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus” and know that Satan, the instigator behind this, would flee in fear.
Since that little conversation from the back seat, I’ve used that prayer countless times. And every time, I have felt His peace.

Driving through a bad rain storm? “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.”
Dropping kids off for a week at sleepaway camp? ”Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.”
Suffering from insomnia? “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.”
For worries that are big or small, it’s almost too easy.

My son, at his young age, is just starting to learn how to talk to God. I listen with awe as he repeats Jesus’ name to call out for the help he needs.
So, thank you to my son’s former teacher, Mrs. Ricca, and all teachers and catechists who work or volunteer their time to share our Catholic faith.
Your words are not falling on deaf ears.

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