Cyberbullying is Big Issue

By Kim Roberts

Being parents to three children, my husband and I have tried to protect them from those that would harm them. We talked to them about not taking to strangers, the importance of the buddy system, trusting their instincts, good and bad touch and practicing the golden rule.

But, what we did not address enough with our daughters, which was shortsighted of us, was bullying by classmates. Bullying has changed since I was in school; it has risen to an entirely different level.

Back in the day, bullying would take place in person. But, today when many children, even as young as 7, have a cell phone, bullying is more accessible.

A child can now be bullied around the clock without a break, even when they are at home. In addition to hurtful texts, some girls have intentionally not invited another girl to a party, then took pictures of people at the party and sent them to the uninvited girl.

Children are being emotionally torn apart by cyberbullying, without an escape.

Parents need to be vigilant and check messages on their children’s phones and monitor all photos and texts they receive, so they can help their children deal with any possible bullying.

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