The Gratitude Tree

By Dawn Cusimano

With Thanksgiving coming up soon, I was reminded of a precious family craft that we were blessed to learn about last year and adopt called the “Gratitude Tree.” It was quick and easy to make, and only cost us pennies and some good, old-fashioned quality time.

First, we found a few bare branches in our backyard and situated them inside a vase.

Next, we cut some colored paper to look like fall leaves and punched a hole in each one so that we could loop a piece of string through it.

We then sat together on the rug in our living room and took turns sharing the blessings that we were thankful by writing them on the “leaves.”

My husband and I even added a few extra messages expressing gratitude for things about each other to find later.

Our sweet little “tree” project graced the kitchen table where we shared our family meals and reminded us daily of God’s goodness.

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  1. What a great idea. I will certainly add this to our family tradition this year. Thank you for sharing this!!!

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