Savor Your Grandchildren

By Christine Bordelon

There’s nothing sweeter in the morning than being woken up by your 9-year-old grandchild singing and telling you she made breakfast for both of us.

She has learned, from being “my little cooking helper,” how to toast a waffle, make hot tea with lemon and chocolate milk all on her own.

That’s what my Marley does in the morning on the days she sleeps at my house and wakes up at 6:30 a.m. before I get out of bed.
Of course, I hear everything she does, so I know she’s ok.

She’ll come in my room, like I go in hers, singing “Wake up, wake up you sleepy head. Get up, get up get out of bed …” from the song “When the Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin’ Along.”

My mom used to sing it to my son – her father. She has been gone now 22 years, so it’s a nice memory and carrying on of a tradition every time she sings it to me and I to her.

With grandchildren, you tend to spoil them a little more than your children.

I know that I’ve tried to be a little more patient, although that can be challenging since kids today just come out smart and sassy from the get-go.

With 31- and 24-year-old adult children, I have recognized how fast the time has flown by since they were children.

We must cherish the time with our new, littles ones while we can before they become grown-ups, too.

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