Tough Days

By Stacy LaMorte

We all have them: Tough days.  We have those days where nothing seems to go our way.

So, as Catholic parents, how do we teach our kids that these are normal and even necessary in our lives?

What I have found with my kids is that listening is the first course of action.  And I mean really listening – stopping what you are doing when you can and really giving them your undivided attention.

In our noisy, busy world, sometimes a child just needs to feel like he or she is not alone and that someone will take the time to really hear him or her.

I tell my kids that there are few things that a walk around the block or a cup of tea (or both!) can’t fix. There is something about the ritual of a cup of tea that makes old-fashioned sense of things.

Taking a walk together is really a great way to get a little fresh air, a little sunshine and some endorphins to help your child feel better.

Living close to Lake Pontchartrain gives us a perfect kind of route there and back which usually gives us enough time to work through things.

The beauty and expanse of the lake also allows me to think more openly and appreciate the greatness of God’s splendor (almost like a mini-beach vacation!)

Above all, as Catholics, we need to help our kids understand that God has a perfect plan for this hour, this day and this life.

Just because it doesn’t go the way we planned, it doesn’t mean we can’t make the best of it and try to learn from God’s way.

Our Father does know best, after all.

How do you help your kids deal with those tough days?

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