Why My Son Opens Doors for Women

By Ana Borden

While dating my husband, we often cooked together, recreating meals from dining experiences as well as grocery shopping together.

Following the first meal we cooked together, I served his plate first. He was silent for a moment but then followed with, “I can serve myself.”

I had watched the women in my life serve all their loved ones first before themselves – it was a sign of respect and a cultural difference I had not noticed until that moment.

Of course he could serve his own plate, but my instinct was to serve him before myself.

This is one reason I have taught our son to hold doors for women. It is not because I think women need to have doors opened for them as a sign of weakness, but out of respect.

Could you imagine a world where you put the needs and care of others first before your own?

Jump forward a decade and a half later, and my husband and I instinctively take turns serving each other and our little one’s dinner plates every night.

How do you show respect and God’s grace to your loved ones?

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