Joy in the Chaos

By Sarah McDonald

This weekend was one of those weekends. Between having to take shifts at the soccer fields all day Saturday, the kids seemingly doing everything in their power to annoy one another (and us), and my husband and I both fighting off those colds that hit you when you are just tired and worn down.

By Saturday night, I was already done.

Then came Sunday evening.

The kids started to get along, because they would rather do anything than clean their rooms, so we were on the right track.

I realized that all seven of us were in the kitchen, each doing our own “job” to prepare dinner, even if that role was to sit in the rock ‘n play quietly smiling so mom can slice the onions.

There was lots of noise, there was a lot of action, and there were a lot of smiles.

Everyone was happy. In that moment I was filled with joy in the midst of our chaos, and, in that moment, I stopped to give thanks to God for my family and our own grace-filled chaos.

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