Answering God’s Call

By Ty Salvant

Like many families, when our oldest was 3, we began looking at schools. We gathered information on early childhood programs and potential schools for children his age.

When considering what was offered, I wasn’t drawn to any of the options for various reasons and eventually contemplated homeschooling.

When I proposed the topic to my husband, Derrick, he was hesitant. His initial concerns included socialization, my commitment to the process and his example for our kids.

After reading several books on homeschooling and praying for guidance, we had a few more conversations. I acknowledged and addressed Derrick’s concerns.

Fortunately, homeschooling has changed over the past 30-plus years, and parents no longer homeschool in isolation. Quite the opposite. There are so many groups, co-ops, classes and opportunities to interact with other kids during the day that it can be a struggle to make time for academics!

I have many passions, and I’m always drawn to the next new thing, so wondering about my commitment was valid.

The compromise we made was to reevaluate the decision on an annual basis to ensure that we were both satisfied with the progress that we were making.

Finally, regarding his example, we discussed that school doesn’t necessarily change personalities. He was quiet when he started and finished school, and I was quite the opposite. Neither of our school experiences changed who we were as individuals.

When Derrick and I married and talked about our future, homeschooling was not on the radar. AT ALL! However, I am so happy I answered God’s call, as it has been one of the biggest blessings to our family.

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